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How to get the most out of conversations with men, boys, whatever.

So in the last post I talked about how to get approached more by men. This post will be how to get the most out of the conversations you will have with a man. If you get to the point where a guy comes up to you or even its someone you are talking to, these tips may help garner more from that person.

Have a goal in mind. Know what you want from that person and utilize that during the conversation.

For example one guy who came up to me at an event, I had an interest in him so my goal was to figure out as much as I can about him. I found out at the end of the conversation, that he loves his family, cares about how his sisters are treated, is God-fearing, hates parties, support his friends, and has goals that he relentlessly pursues.

This mind you is from a short 6-7 min conversation. I got enough information to read him. That is how you must move. If you want him to let go his guard, then you have to do it too. If you want him to understand you, try to understand him first. He may try to see your point of view after you effortlessly saw his.

Read the room

See his vibe and match it. If he is energetic, be energetic too! If he is dull, remain nonchalant. If he is funny, girl laugh at his jokes and make some too!

Make him feel comfortable.

You have to do it in a way that he feels he has known you his entire life in that one moment. I have had guys tell me I make them feel super comfortable and its weird how they can tell me anything based on how I make them feel. They are nervous to even talk to you, so help him ease that anxiety.

When someone feels comfortable and lets their guard down, they tell you everything because you made them feel like you care enough about them. You made them feel open because you allowed them to release that guard without judgement.

Smile, be compassionate, listen to his needs and cater to that.

If he is not ready to tell you anything, respect that and move on to another subject. Talk to him like you would to anyone else. Don't be super aggressive with wanting to know him, let it flow. Don't be condescending either. Don't laugh at his pain that he told you. He probably thought you were worth it to tell and now he won't feel comfortable to tell you anything else.

Also tell him about you too! make it a back and forth conversation. Energies flowing between the two of you. The conversation would be much richer when you do that. Let him know you are comfortable to show your scars to him too.

Hopefully this helps you make better conversations with men, boys, whatever 😂

Xoxo Ashley

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