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A lil Valentine's Day rant/ramble 💕

Hello everyone!

I hope you all are happy with the relationships you have in your life. Personally (within yourself), Friend wise (Galentine's anyone), or your actual love life. I noticed that there is a lot of relationship depression on the socials. People who feel lonely and want to find someone, anyone to go out with on Sunday. It is a trend and always seems to be around this time.

Why does it seem that we only feel this way on certain holidays? Like your birthday (everybody on them trips or a beautiful display of love), Vacations that turned into Baecations, and the dreaded holiday seasons. Valentine's being one. I think it is because Valentine's Day is based on love and how It is reciprocated through different actions. But If we don't receive that love, we feel that we aren't that special to have someone in our lives. Or the big question pops up Is there anyone out there who loves me?

Also Valentine's Day brings out the worst in some couples. Straight competition and comparisons that didn't need to happen in the first place. If a person got roses and candles leading up to the hotel room with chocolates and wine, and another couple decided to just go to a restaurant, that person might get mad. They get angry about why they didn't receive what the other couple got. But you never set that standard in the first place. Maybe the guy/girl just isn't as romantic or as thoughtful as you want them to be. That is not necessarily a "them" problem, it's a YOU problem. They're probably not your fit anyways.

The single people out there trying to get anyone to go with them or do something for Valentine's Day, please don't. Have fun with being by yourself at least. You deal with the 364 days without a thought most of the times of being in a relationship, so why now? The next day you probably forgot about the fact it was Valentine's Day. Why make that day a lonely, sad, experience?

Last year I decided to have fun and go dress up for the movies and a dinner. Yes, by myself. I wanted to learn more about myself and enjoy being by myself I actually saw a guy from my class with a date and they looked at me like where is your man? But I had fun. I saw The Photograph ( it was the same movie they were watching too) and I went to a restaurant nearby since Benihanas closed early and ate by myself. I had people watching me there too. They couldn't believe that someone on Valentine's Day would go out by themselves without feeling ashamed. I was the only person without someone. Any other instance I would feel bad. People probably thought I got stood up. Maybe that guy at the movies too. The gag is.... I didn't. I had the best time since dealing with what happened the month before. And the day after I went with a group of friends to a drag brunch and had so much fun. I want you to have fun too.

If you don't have a relationship right now, its ok. Just continue to learn to love yourself. And do not think of hitting up anyone who was in your past because " They at least had feelings for me" NO NO NO. You left that situation for a reason. Don't feel the need to rehash anything just for a holiday.

I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day!

Xoxo Ashley

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