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Self-Love is CRUCIAL: How to start your self-love journey

Have you ever had a hard time accepting yourself?

Have you felt unworthy to the people you've encountered in your life?

Maybe you did accept yourself but others didn’t so you lost yourself and want to get back in. That was me. I always say that you will always find out someone’s self-worth when it comes to romantic relationships. This even applies to other forms of relationships.


Take time to write out your feelings about yourself. Ask these questions: What do I like about myself? What features do I have that I love? What molded me into the person I am today? What am I insecure of? What mistakes do I make in relationships? Is there a reason why I tend to do this? Be COMPLETELY HONEST or this WON'T WORK! This is written by you, for you. When you write down this you will start to have clarity on the issues plaguing you and find ways to overcome it.

2. Start figuring out what YOU like to do and DO IT!!!!

Personally, I love to listen to music, to read and workout so that's what I started to do. Maybe you might not have anything in mind. This is the perfect time to try everything out and see what aligns with you, it could be baking or gardening.

3. Take the 5 Love languages test and apply that into your self-love journey

When you take the test and find the graphs of this test made into self-love options online, you can easily figure out what you can do right now that fits your personality. This test teaches you on who you are and what you value from others so, why not apply it to valuing you? Think about it.


This is a hard pill to swallow. Back to number 1, you figured out what made you into who you are and now you have to heal those wounds. Therapy helps, writing in a journal helps, talking to a loved one who understands you helps. Pray, meditate, try to find the good points that you can take away from the experience. If the situation broke you, one good point is that now you are on the way to becoming stronger and that you can handle anything.

5. Take care of how you LOOK on the OUTSIDE just as much as the inside

Let’s be honest here. If you look good on the outside, you will feel better on the inside. It is a temporary aspect so that is why it is important to work on both. Just being more of who you want to be on the outside will help you feel complete. For me, I have to look presentable anywhere I go. Even if its Dollar Tree, Walmart, or a formal event. I feel the best when my hair looks nice, my makeup is on, and my outfit is on point. My inner self is important, but I love how I feel when I have everything put together. Have a skincare routine, go shopping, learn on how to take care of your hair. Show yourself off!

6. LEARN to be OK with the stages of YOU

There are stages of you, the child you, the pre-teen you, the teenager you, the young adult and the adult you. No matter where you are now, be in love with that person. You will fall, you will be stressed, you will have moments. But that is what makes you, you. Don’t be ashamed of who you are now, be content with the person you will work on that will be the "you" of your dreams.

Xoxo Ashley

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