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Got Media Goals for 2021?

Ok, let’s get into formation. 2020 has taught us that we have the strength to persevere through anything that comes our way. Now we are planning to push that into next year but not in a way to go with the flow. It is in a way to do what we have dreamed of but was too afraid to accomplish. There is nothing holding you back now, seriously nothing. I have a few goals that I want to start in and execute during 2021.

The first goal I have which is the ULTIMATE MEDIA GOAL is to build my platform. It is about music something, that if you knew me personally, I am obsessed with. I love all genres of music. R&B, Rap, Country (yeah, I know), and Punk Rock (I know, The all American rejects and We The Kings is usually how far I go). I also listen to Latin music and Caribbean music as well. The reason why I am so obsessed with music is because of the feeling you get from it. If you are sad, there is a song. If you are happy, there is a song. And if you are angry, Well there is a song for you too. I want to be able to have conversations with other music lovers.

The second media goal I have is to focus on my graphic design skills. I am just starting, so I need to better my craft. Photoshop 2020 is hard to use. Especially if the only thing you know is the word Photoshop and nothing else. If I can not do it right in 3 hours then I am just not doing it. But I learned that I need to have the patience to be great at something. This is one area I want to be great in. I am good at Canva though, it's just Photoshop and I also want to learn Illustrator.

The third media goal is to start the process of being an author. Books are everything to me. I love reading. A little story, my favorite teacher of all time Mr. Wells, who was my English teacher in HS had a conversation about reading. I told him that it was weird how I read. I read in a way that I hear voices. Don’t freak out. I see stuff while I read as well. For me, it is like I'm watching a movie. I see everything and visualize the characters in different ways. Mr. Wells assured me that it wasn't weird because it was how he reads as well. He said the term for that was a visual reader. And that is who I am: a visual reader. I read pretty much anything, but the ultimate favorites are autobiographies, history stories, and romantic comedies. The book I will be working on is something that I imagined since I was 14. The title is still the same as I planned it as a 14-year-old. But I will not say the title yet, but it is not a children's book. It will be a young adult/adult book. Since I will be working on my graphic design skills, I can create my book cover. The book cover has to be as dope as the book will be. It takes time to create a book, so it probably won’t be published until 2022 and, I want to make a 3- book series.

The last media goal I have for 2021 is simple. It is to graduate from university with my degree in Broadcast Media with a minor in Social Media and E-marketing analytics. This college process has been a journey for me. I will graduate a year early and start living a year early. That was nerve-wracking to me then but, now I feel more prepared to face post-graduation life. With that, I want to add more to my portfolio during my last year.

Now since I said my media goals for 2021, what are yours?

I will finish this post with a quote I saw on Pinterest, “The distance between your dreams and reality is called action”.

xoxo Ashley

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