Black Girls In Media is a networking organization committed to support and uplift minority women in the media industry.

"Black Girls In Media works with companies to hire diverse talent in the media industry." 

"Black women in corporate America are less likely than their male or white colleagues to be promoted or to receive the support and access they need to advance despite being just as ambitious, a report from the Lean In Foundation finds."


By 2022, Black Girls In Media will have placed 200 of their members

in new media job roles. 

After months of feeling lost and uninspired;

I came up with the idea to create a platform where women can uplift each other and cross network to gain opportunities in order to bring each other through those corporate doors. 

What started as a small Groupme chat, grew into a worldwide community.

So far,  over 300 opportunities have been given to BGIM members and over 5,000 connections have been made. 

Im so glad to have you here. Together, we are unstoppable. 

Tasha McCaskiel, Creator of Black Girls In Media


In 2017, I Was Back In my Hometown— Post Grad-school, Struggling To Get Hired In The Media Industry. “Why am I not getting hired?” I asked myself.  Having friends and family in different professional industries than me, I had no one to vent to, or assist me with these issues. I then began noting The Extreme Difficulty That Women Of Color Face Breaking Into The Corporate World And Gaining Equal Opportunity.

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